This was a fun exercise. I had my girls give me 4 different books and I challenged myself to come up with 4 easy lessons within 5 minutes. Today I am sharing these ideas with you.

One of the things I love about unschooling is the flexibility I have to follow what the girls are interested in. Today I want to show you some simple and easy “lessons for unschoolers” you can do with your children based on books. I love taking a book and then extending the reading time into a craft or activity. So much so that I am working on a series of thematic units called Pocket Packs (you can check out more at the link above) ….so stay tuned!!

I asked the girls to pick out some of their books and then I pulled together some ideas in a few minutes. This is how I operated on a day to day basis with them, especially as they will suddenly say “what craft can we do today?” I look at what I have around the house and go from there. I know that this is not easy for everyone. It is just something I really enjoy doing, and do have to admit that I am good at.

I have a previous vlog on The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, which is a caterpillar craft based on this book. 

I like to do a lot of edible activities because cooking involves different “subjects” – English, math, maybe science. It is such a great cross-discipline activity…..that you get to eat!!

paper bag jellyfish

Magic Beach by Alison Lester

I love this book. It is a great way to talk about the beach, and open up discussions about water safety.

Here are some ideas after you read the book:

  • Make paper bag jellyfish
  • Research facts about jellyfish
  • Make an edible beach
  • Write about what you would do on your magic beach
edible beach

Wombat Divine by Mem Fox

Oh Wombat. He wants to be part of the Nativity Play but he can’t find the right part.

  • Make a wombat face
  • Make Damper (an Australian bread)
  • Talk about Australia having Christmas in the summertime. 
  • Make a list of the similarities and differences between a winter Christmas and a summer Christmas.
wombat face

Parts by Todd Arnold

This book is a fun way to learn about the body.

  • Look at anatomy charts (kid friendly of course).
  • Talk about what can happen if something doesn’t work as it should.
  • Make an anatomy chart out of pasta.
body chart with pasta

Albie and the Space Rocket by Andy Cutbill

  • Make a rocket from a toilet roll
  • Do a Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket Experiment like this one
  • The elephants make fuel out of baked beans. Would that work? If it was your rocket, what would you use as fuel? Come up with your own crazy rocket fuel and write your recipe.
cardboard rocket

I hope you have some fun with these lessons for unschoolers! And don’t forget to stay tuned for Pocket Packs!

Michayla Best

For over 30 years I have worked with children in a variety of capacities, whether as a teacher or tutor, a babysitter, a camp leader, or family advocate. I have always found a way to connect with children, to help them understand themselves and the world around.

I am Mummy to trinational twincesses who keep me on my toes with their questions, their commentaries, their shenanigans and acts of spontenudity.

Wife, world traveler, musician, crafting queen and self-proclaimed nerd; I love to take what I see, glean, know and help families to find their groove and be successful.

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