4Cs and Skills Based Learning – How do you teach it?

**This is the 3rd in a series on the 4Cs and Skills Based Learning. This video looks at how we can incorporate (or teach) skills based learning. Check out the previous videos on what skills based learning is, and how it works.


To recap: Skills-based learning is where we teach students a specific skill. We are not focusing on the specific content to be learned but learning skills. This means that we are teaching our children how to find out or achieve the correct answers, but also to achieve this each time because they have the skill, not just a memorized fact or information.

And we are not just getting rid of content based learning. We are not saying it isn’t valid, because it is! We are just flipping the priority. This is not solely focusing on “this is the content that must be learned” and if they are not covering all the content in each subject then our children are not getting a good education. What we are doing is saying “These are the skills that need to be learned, supported by interesting, fun content and facts” and that will set them up not only for school, but through life.

4cs – creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking 
3rs – reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic

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Honestly, in my mind, incorporating it is easy. You may have a curriculum at home that you love but might not have much of a focus on the 4cs. It is easy to add to your content based curriculum and allow opportunities for the 4cs.

You can teach the 4Cs through such things as:

  • Adding board games 
  • Having discussions
  • Having your child help plan and prepare meals or trips 

Similarly, you can do things subject wise. Take ELA (English Language Arts) for example. After your child has completed their unit or novel or whatever, they can discuss with you or give an oral report on what they have learned. You could add extra activities, like “questions you would ask the author”, or maybe get them to write an alternate ending. These cover communication, critical thinking and creativity.

family game night
family game nights are a wonderful way to practice


The easiest way to get your head around it is to think that you are providing the practice opportunities. Whether it is as an addition to a complete homeschool package, or when you get together with other homeschool friends (what a great way to practice collaboration!) How to teach the 4cs? Provide practice!


Even if you are not homeschooling, you can incorporate skills based learning. You are simply providing those opportunities for practice.

These can include such things as:

  • planning out assignments
  • family game nights
  • meal planning

Notice that they are similar to when you are homeschooling? It’s because they are the same skills that are necessary.

meal planning
meal planning is a great way to practice planning


If you want your child’s school to incorporate or teach more of the 4Cs and being skills based learning, then you are going to have to be proactive. Schools do have curriculum and priorities set out, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a voice to make suggestions about how skills based learning could be incorporated or taught. But don’t forget that you might have to give of your time to help out if they want to take you up on your ideas!

Here are some ideas of how some schools incorporated the 4Cs into their curriculum. They are some great ideas for what you could do at home too.


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