Timberdoodle all-in-one curriculum kits are another solid option for homeschooling families. Let's look at whether it is right for you.

Timberdoodle Homeschool Curriculum kits have been around since 1985. They combine a number of different curriculum options into comprehensive kits.

From their website:

Our goal is to offer unique and innovative homeschooling items that are fun for kids and parents. Our special emphasis is engineering, hands-on, and thinking-skills products that kids love.
Our Curriculum Kits contain our favorites for each grade level, but we love to help families cherry-pick what works best for their children. That is why we are delighted to help you, free of charge, to custom-fit your curriculum to be perfect for your family.

What makes it unique is that Timberdoodle is not writing the curriculum, but rather gathering top rated options for each grade and combining them into kits. Their focus is to provide hands-on, STEM and critical thinking learning opportunities.

Timberdoodle has curricula for all ages. They start with Baby and Toddlers and go all the way through 12th grade.

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  • Comprehensive and well-rounded: Timberdoodle offers a complete curriculum package with a wide range of subjects including math, language arts, science, history, and more. This really can simplify the homeschooling process by providing all the necessary materials in one package.
  • Hands-on and engaging: Timberdoodle includes hands-on learning materials and educational games that make learning more interactive and fun. 
  • Age-appropriate and developmentally targeted: The curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of children at each grade level, ensuring that the materials and activities are suitable for their specific age. This can help promote effective learning and growth.
  • Flexible and customizable: While Timberdoodle provides a comprehensive curriculum package, it also allows flexibility for parents to customize and adapt the materials according to their child’s individual needs and learning style. This flexibility can accommodate diversity in learning.
  • Both faith based and secular options are available, so there are options for all homeschooling families. 


  • Cost: The comprehensive nature of Timberdoodle curriculum packages may come with a higher price tag compared to other homeschool curriculum options. This might be cost prohibitive for some families.
  • Parental involvement: While some families may appreciate the guidance and structure provided by the Timberdoodle curriculum, others may find it requires more time and effort from the parent than they would like. This can be challenging for parents who may have limited time or ability to be heavily involved in their child’s education. 
  • Limited customization: While there is some flexibility with Timberdoodle curriculum, it may not be as customizable as some other homeschooling options, especially if you are more eclectic. 
  • Some people feel that the early grades contain curriculum that isn’t necessary like spelling and handwriting. 
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For each grade there are different levels for the kits: basic, complete and elite. 

Basic kits cover the basics (Language arts, reading and math). They lack science, history, geography, STEM, and assume you are using another curriculum for those.

They range in price from $395 to $580 depending on the grade.

Complete kits will serve the average homeschooler. They include at least one thing in every subject matter and will provide an entire school year’s worth of materials.

They range in price from $800 to $990.

Elite kits come with everything and then some extras. They are filled with extra books, multiple art projects, and additional hands-on puzzles and materials.

They range in price from $990 to $1629.


I like how Timberdoodle draws from a variety of different curricula to create a kit for you. This essentially allows a “Complete Box Curriculum” without it being all the one publisher. It is customizable and that is good.  I appreciate the focus on hands-on learning, STEM and critical thinking. The owners of Timberdoodle are believers, but they have provided different options for families so it is suitable for any family that wants a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum that provides what you need. 

I think that it would be better for older students – 2nd grade and beyond. I personally am not a fan of high academics for preschool and kindergarten. But I know that some people do want that – again, do what works for you!

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If you like hands-on learning, STEM and critical thinking, along with a box curriculum, then this is for you. It will provide all that you need. It is customizable and draws from a variety of publishers and reputable curricula. 

If you lean toward a more eclectic style of homeschooling, then this will work for you.  

The curricula in these kits are highly suitable for kinesthetic learners but would work for all learning styles. 
Learn more about Timberdoodle here

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