DIY Autumn Leaf Mobile – leaf painting and mobile making

A DIY Autumn Leaf Mobile would look fabulous this season….right?!? These are easy to make and fun to do with your children. You can use real leaves, silk leaves, or even ones you cut out. You do not need to be limited by what you have available.

I am not normally a seasonal decorator. I do decorate for Christmas. But having girls born in the South, there seems to be something in the air because they would decorate for every season, holiday and festival. Valentines Day? Yes, please! Easter? You betcha! And we apparently need to up our game for Christmas. I guess I have some new designers and decorators in the house.

We had fun making these, because it involves three things they love – paint, making a mess, and making something beautiful. Crafting is a daily occurrence. Coming up with new things to do is ever on their minds. I also think this is a ploy to get to Dollar Tree for craft supplies…..and to check out the toy aisle.

autumn leaves

You will need:

  • Stick about 10-12 inches in length
  • Colored yarn
  • Fishing line
  • Silk leaves, leaf cutouts or dried leaves
  • Glue
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Sticky tape (can be helpful)
  • Paint brushes

What to do:

  1. Using silk leaves, leaf cutouts or dried leaves, decorate them with paint and glitter (optional). Leave to dry.
  2.  Wrap pieces of colored yarn around the stick. 
  3. Tie a piece of yarn over as a handle/hanger on the stick.
  4. Tie or tape lengths of fishing line to the dried decorated leaves.
  5. Hang the leaves on the stick, making sure the leaves are hanging at various heights.
autumn leaf mobile

I hope you enjoy making this Autumn Leaf Mobile. Here are some other crafts you can make:
Peg Dolls
Pipe Cleaner Animals
Coffee Filter Butterflies

Stay tuned for some more fun Autumn Crafts!

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