Module One: Know Your Whys

You can’t successfully homeschool if you don’t know why you are doing it! In this module you will look at your motivations and reasons and then write your own “Why Statement” that can guide you on your homeschooling journey.
Knowing why is the best place to start!

Module Two: Know Your Requirements

Do you know what requirements you need to meet for where you live? Every country, every state is different – and you certainly want to make sure you are operating your homeschool legally.
Let me show you some of the differences and then help you find your requirements.

Module Three: Discover Your Style

Did you know that there is more than one way to homeschool and it can be unique to every family? If you didn’t know there were so many styles, don’t worry, most people don’t. Let’s learn about the main 10 different homeschooling styles or methods. As you learn about them, you will be able to discover what style you lean towards so you can be your child’s education champion. (Hint: If you are not sure what your style could be, then this module is definitely for you.)

Module Four: Discover The Learning Styles

In this module you will learn about the 3 main learning styles. Knowing HOW your child learns best is a great tool for homeschooling parents. It will save you hassle and frustration. I will teach you about the characteristics of each learning style and provide you some strategies you can use to bolster your child’s learning. I also provide observations and tools to help discover your child’s learning style.

Module Five: Skills Based Learning

I am a BIG believer in skills based learning, so much so that I have my own formula for an excellent education: 4Cs + 3Rs. I am excited to share this with you as I truly believe that if we can flip the priority we can set our children up for a fabulous life of learning.

This module covers: – What is skills based learning? – How does it work? – How do you teach it? – Activities for Problem Solving (Critical Thinking) – Activities for Communication – Activities for Collaboration – Activities for Creativity

Module Six: Choosing Curriculum

Yes! We can now choose curriculum. By knowing your whys, requirements, style/method and your child’s learning style you can now launch into choosing curriculum with confidence. I will discuss different types of curriculum and ask you some questions to help you narrow down what you want. You will still need to do some research, but now you will know what to look in a curriculum that will best suit your family. I will also talk about when to stop using curriculum (This might sound scary but can be a good thing!)

Module Seven: Setting Up Your Structure

Do you want a schedule or flow? Do you want a schoolroom or no? Let’s answer these questions by looking at what will work best for you. Some people love a schedule while others love a rhythm and flow (yes, I will explain what these are). Some people love a dedicated schoolroom or space, while others are more free with where “school” is done. The best thing is when you do what works for you. You do not have to do it like other families. You will write your own schedule or flow, and you will work out what you need when it comes to lesson time.

Module Eight: Socialization And Other Concerns

In this module I will look at some of the top concerns homeschool families have: – socialization – not being ready for tests – reluctant learners – parental exhaustion We will also look at the benefits of homeschool co-ops.
Being aware of concerns and having solutions or ideas at hand, is a great way to start homeschooling.

Module Nine: The Master Plan

Let’s put all these pieces together in one place. This will help you through the prep, and then the doing. It will be something you can refer to during the school year.
(This is something that has benefitted me personally.)

Module Ten: When You Hit Hard Times

At the end of this module you will have tools for the times you are not loving homeschooling. Yes, it happens! Let me show you 8 ways you can help yourself when you hit these hard times and wonder if you should give up or not.

Module Eleven: Put It All Together

It’s time to start homeschooling! Ready, set….go! You’ve got what you need to start homeschooling. You can also sign up for the How To Homeschool Facebook Group.