Monarch Curriculum – The Pros and Cons. Check it out!

Monarch is an online curriculum by Alpha Omega Publications. They state that they are “A completely different way to homeschool.” Here is my review of Monarch – looking at the pros and cons and whether it is a solid curriculum option for families.

From their website: 

Everything you need for home learning.
Your family can subscribe to the perfect plan with the benefits of automatic grading, lesson planning, and interactive online learning. With Monarch, you have access to 5 core subjects in grades 3 through 12. That’s 50 total courses covering Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.

There are also over 60 electives in the curriculum that you can purchase separately.

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Pros of Monarch:

  • Parent/teacher functions – you can plan out your school year, blocking out dates etc. Monarch will generate the plan for you. You can also “unassign” lessons and quizzes for your children. 
  • Automatic grading and reports. This can be very helpful for parents who want to be more hands-off. It also gives instant feedback to your child. All of this is collated into report cards for you. 
  • Flexible and self-paced. You are not bound to set hours so this can be very helpful for families with varying commitments and schedules. Your child can also work at their own pace, allowing them to progress according to their individual needs.
  • Interactive. Monarch includes interactive and multimedia-rich content, such as videos, animations, and games. 
  • Caters to different learning styles. Due to the combination of reading, interaction, videos etc. this can work for different learning styles. 
  • Christian perspective. Monarch integrates a Christian worldview and values into the subjects, making it suitable for families seeking a religious-based education.
  • Read aloud option. Monarch provides 6 different voice over options so that your child can listen to the lesson rather than read it. This is great for auditory learners.
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  • Highly structured. Each subject will follow a typical structure of lessons and then quizzes.The lessons are sequential and your child has to complete all the lessons in a unit, and in order. 
  • Lots of quizzes and testing. For some children this can be a turn off. But this is how Monarch assesses that a child has completed the material. 
  • All online. (This is great if you want an online curriculum.) This is keeping your child at a desk and computer for many hours a day.
  • Limited customization. While there is some flexibility and you can add electives, it really is less customizable compared to other curricula available. 
  • Christian Perspective. Some families don’t want a faith based curriculum. 
  • At times the required answers can seem highly debatable, but if your child doesn’t write exactly what Monarch wants, they will be marked wrong. You can override it, but it will take your time to do so. 


Monarch is a subscription service curriculum. It is $399.95 a year per child for the 5 subjects. This will save you $79.45 if you subscribe for the year. Otherwise it is $39.95 a month.

Electives are $9.95 per month or $99.95 for the year per course per student.

There are discounts for multiple children in the family. A yearly subscription for 4 children will cost $999.80 or $99.80 a month. 

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Other thoughts

There are demos available on the Alpha Omega Publications website and you can sign up and trial it for 30 days free. This is a good opportunity to see if it really would be a good curriculum for your family. 

Remember that it is a curriculum, even though it is done online, so it is not accredited. If you want an accredited program, you should look at Ignite Academy. (This was formerly known as Alpha Omega Academy.) 

They have placement tests available to see where your child should enroll. 

This is great if you want a faith based curriculum that is hands off for you as a parent. With all the grading and record keeping being done, you just need to be available to your children as they need your assistance. 

I am not a highly structured curriculum mom but I can see that this does work for many children who want to work independently and like structure. I am not a fan of how many quizzes and tests there are. To me, this is more “school at home”. 

Monarch is a high quality curriculum that works very well for thousands of families that want a faith-based online curriculum. 

Check out Monarch here.

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