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What are Parenting Champions? These are people who believe in what LearningThis.Life is doing and want to help. They are also our community, and we LOVE community – the sharing of stories, ideas, highs and woes.

Being a patron will help this international stay-at-home teacher bring my thoughts to the world as I aim to support and encourage others as they tackle parenting, their children’s schooling, and the ins and outs of raising powerful people. It also enables us to keep quality high and move towards other great projects.


Things you should know:
1) Your pledge applies to only four (4) videos per month – no matter how many videos are posted.
2) If you have a spouse or significant other, add their name to the first name field so we know their name too!
3) If you’re new to Patreon, you need to create an account first and pledge second.
4) Being a Parenting Champion gets you early access to videos, as well as other content and opportunities not available on this site.

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