Read with me, Mrs B.


If you know anything about me you know I like books. No, not like, love. Books and I have a great relationship. Just ask my husband…he questioned why we had to send boxes of books internationally….my response? Well, some of them are no longer in print, most of them have stains and signs of wear because they are much loved and we’ll read, and many of them are dear, dear friends whom I cannot give up. See that stain in Wuthering Heights? Well, that was from when I was reading it during my last year of high school (when I should have been studying) and I got excited (once again) and slopped my hot chocolate. And the complete set of Famous Five books? They are my Christmas friends. I read them every Christmas and it’s a mismatched set but every one is so special. Come on! It’s Julian, Dick and Anne, George and Timmy the Dog! I’ll sing the theme song if you like!…..and so many other reasonings.

I read every day. It’s like breathing to me. If I suddenly couldn’t be able to read I am sure my heart would stop. I read daily to my girls because I want them to know the power of the written word, the ability to let imaginations run wild; the wonder of new places, new worlds, new characters.

My heart with this is to bring stories to life, make them alive! I want to inspire children to read, to be actively engaged in the written word, and we will start by showing them how amazing books are, and just how easily accessible they are. Let them discover the beauty, the silliness, the whimsy, the adventure of different stories. A new world, or many worlds, await and we need to take these journeys. Onward ho!

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