Tools for Visual Learners: learner centered tools

Our visual students are the ones who remember what they see (more than they do by hearing).  They also respond to color and tone, to pictures and visual information when they study and learn. Some visual learners have photographic memories or can visualize information after seeing it.

For something to really sink in, they need to be able to see it – or at least visualize it in their mind. Visual learners can learn best through written language and are good at writing and following directions, or they find it easier to learn through charts, diagrams, pictures, and videos.

What are visual learners like?

  • Can be good at drawing or enjoy coloring
  • Like doing jigsaws and puzzles
  • Have good imaginations
  • Can look like they are daydreaming when they are visualizing what is being taught
  • Will often say “I see” or “I get the picture”
  • Often very good at spelling
  • Tend to work best on their own

I have an earlier video on the visual learning style. Check it out here. I also have this video and blog post on helping visual learners succeed.


Here is a list and some links for different resources that I find helpful for visual learners.

Storyline Online (as they can see the books as well as hear them)

Mystery Science

Khan Academy (one of my favorites)

Teacher Tube…..lessons taught by teachers on a variety of subjects

Outschool – another great place to find a variety of lessons taught by a variety of teachers

Mind Meister….online mind mapping (which I believe in)

PowerPoint…..create your own presentations to learn information

Quizlet……create your own flash cards and study tools – games, worksheets, lessons, teaching tools. A wonderful source of resources.

Word searches and crossword puzzles. These are perfect for spelling and vocabulary. There are paper forms, as well as many different apps you can get for your phone, tablet or computer.



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