Top 3 Curriculum for Auditory Learners

Do you have an auditory learner? One who learns best by hearing? It can make it a little challenging for them in traditional schooling when there is a focus on learning by seeing. When we pick a curriculum for our auditory children, they are going to be happier – and so will you.

For something to really sink in, they need to be able to hear it. A curriculum that relies heavily on visuals is going to frustrate your child. They need audio books, videos, reading out loud to learn more effectively.

What are auditory children like? They need to hear or listen to a concept in order to understand it. Learning by rote and memorizing things is easier for them. Here are some characteristics of auditory learners:

  • Are talkative and often talk to themself
  • Have difficulty being quiet
  • Memorization is easier, and usually done by speaking out loud
  • Can be distracted by background noise, esp if it is people talking
  • Gain a greater understanding of concepts by talking about it
  • Do better on tests if they can verbally answer the question
  • Will whisper while reading without knowing they are doing it
  • Will often hum or sing without realizing they are
  • Like being read to
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Our auditory children need to use their ears! By having a curriculum that allows them to work in a way that is best for them, they will be happier, more fulfilled and will learn best.

When looking at curriculum for your auditory child, you will want to make note of videos, audio files and how the material is primarily presented. You don’t want just text heavy curriculum. Does the curriculum have the ability to have text read to your child?

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When it comes to an auditory curriculum, these are my top 3 choices. I know that there are certainly more out there, but these are strong in how they present their material, are appealing to the ear, and are well thought out curriculum options. All of these are online options.

Rounded Schoolhouse

I love this curriculum and have found it to be a great choice for auditory children. You can hear the teachers in engaging videos. Here is my review on Rounded Schoolhouse.


This is another strong option. It really does a good job at catering to the different learning styles and I feel that auditory learners have good support. To read more about my thoughts on Time4Learning, check out my review here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy started out with math but has been expanding over the years to include a wide array of subjects and they have introduced Khan Academy Kids and Khanmigo, which is a GPT-4 based tutor for your kids. I have used Khan Academy for years with students I was tutoring and recommend it to any parent that has questions about math they can’t answer (or other subjects).

The small chunk videos on Khan Academy are extremely helpful for auditory children. They are clear, concise and can be stopped, rewound and replayed as much as they need. My own children find Khan Academy to be good for them. (We use it as a math curriculum.) It is also a good option for children who like to work at their own pace and/or independently. You can explore Khan Academy more at their website.

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I truly believe that picking the right curriculum for your child will help to make your homeschool journey the best it can be….but it shouldn’t be the first. This is something I cover in my How to Homeschool Masterclass. You can find out more about it here.

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