Top 3 Curriculum for Visual Learners

When we know what style of learner our children are, we can then pick a homeschool curriculum that suits how they learn best.

Our visual children are the ones who remember what they see (more than they do by hearing).  They also respond to color and tone, to pictures and visual information when they study and learn. Some visual learners have photographic memories or can visualize information after seeing it.

For something to really sink in, they need to be able to see it – or at least visualize it in their mind. Visual learners can learn best through written language and are good at writing and following directions, or they find it easier to learn through charts, diagrams, pictures, and videos.

What are visual learners like?

  • Can be good at drawing or enjoy coloring
  • Like doing jigsaws and puzzles
  • Have good imaginations
  • Can look like they are daydreaming when they are visualizing what is being taught
  • Will often say “I see” or “I get the picture”
  • Often very good at spelling
  • Tend to work best on their own
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Our visual learners need to use their eyes! By having a curriculum that allows them to work in a way that is best for them, they will be happier, more fulfilled and will learn best.

When looking at curriculum for your visual child, you will want to make note of pictures, colors, and how the text is presented. You don’t want just black and white text on a page. And you certainly don’t want to discount the colors and pictures for your older children.

And don’t discount the use of videos. These are great tools for our visual learners. These will be very beneficial to your child in their learning.

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When it comes to a visual curriculum, these are my top 3 choices. I know that there are certainly more out there, but these are strong in how they present their material, are visually appealing, and are well thought out curriculum options.

The Good and the Beautiful

This is one I highly recommend for visual learners. To find out more, you can see my review here.


If you do not want a faith based curriculum, but are looking for one that is great for your visual child, this is another wonderful option. Here is my review of Torchlight.

BJU Press

There are many options with BJU Press – from printed booklets (called Lifepacs) to online options. All of them work extremely well for children who learn best visually. It really does a good job appealing to visual learners with illustrations, diagrams, and other text features that help students understand the concepts being taught. They are also a good option for children who like to learn independently. You can find out more about the offerings of BJU Press at their website.

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I truly believe that picking the right curriculum for your child will help to make your homeschool journey the best it can be….but it shouldn’t be the first. This is something I cover in my How to Homeschool Masterclass. You can find out more about it here.

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