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Allowing Risk Taking – 5 Great Reasons to Allow Risk!

It can be hard to let children take risks. As parents we want to protect them, not see them get hurt. But we have to trust them and give them the opportunities to try, fail, get back up and try again if need be. CONTINUE READING

Gross Motor Skills – the importance and how to develop them

Gross motor skills are something that we all need and need to develop. There are a number of fun activities you can do to improve them. CONTINUE READING

Reading Readiness – Is my child ready to read?

Reading readiness is where your child shows they are ready to read - not when we (as society, teachers, etc) deem them ready. When we don't push they will show when they are ready. CONTINUE READING

Training vs Discipline: what is best for your child?

When it comes to raising children there are so many ways. One thing I truly do believe in is training my children, rather than focusing on punishment based discipline.CONTINUE READING

Parenting From The Inside Out

When we know who we are - when we can operate in our strengths - then I do believe that we can be parenting from the inside out. Parenting is messy. Parenting can be hard. There are so many voices that tell you what you should be doing, etc. and sadly there are too many voices of shame out there. CONTINUE READING

When Parenting Works – Stories of my girls

When you get to the end of the year you often have the chance to sit back and look at the things that have gone down during the year. Some of them we don’t want to think about again (I know that we have a few of those moments, and I know that I had to do a whole bunch of apologizing for my reactions and outbursts), but others can be great parenting wins!CONTINUE READING

Expectation: Advanced Early Development for Our Children

This is where I get on my soapbox and say “Stop pushing”. We don’t need to push our kids to develop early. Let them be children. Let them develop at their own pace. CONTINUE READING
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