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Gentle Parenting – What is it? Is it easy?

Gentle parenting is a style of parenting that emphasizes empathy, respect, understanding, and positive communication. This is just one of many different types of parenting styles, but it has been getting a lot of attention lately.CONTINUE READING
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Getting it Right – The Home and Homeschool Balancing Act

The balancing act of home and homeschool can be a difficult one but you can do it! Keep in mind these simple tips.CONTINUE READING

My best advice on how to start homeschooling

Here is my best advice on how to start homeschooling. It doesn't have to be daunting. You can do it with success from the start!CONTINUE READING

My Child Hates Learning! A simplified Look at Helping Them.

If your child hates learning, here are some tips, simplified and helpful. This can help if you homeschool or your child is in school.CONTINUE READING

Allowing Risk Taking – 5 Great Reasons to Allow Risk!

It can be hard to let children take risks. As parents we want to protect them, not see them get hurt. But we have to trust them and give them the opportunities to try, fail, get back up and try again if need be. CONTINUE READING

Why it’s Crucial to Teach Critical Thinking to Young Children!

Critical thinking is an important skill so why do we wait until our children are older to start teaching it? It really is beneficial to start young.CONTINUE READING

Welcome to the Club: My Homeschool Regrets

While I have no regrets about homeschooling, there are regrets I have about things I have done or said or expected. These are the regrets...CONTINUE READING

Setting Good Boundaries: The Key to Thriving Kids

Boundaries are something that all children need. It helps them to thrive. For parents, having these healthy boundaries with their kids can help relieve anxiety, stress and worry.CONTINUE READING

Igniting Imagination: Abstract Thinking in Kids

How we think is important. There are many different ways that our brains will work as it processes information. One way is abstract thinking.CONTINUE READING
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