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Tools for Kinesthetic Learners

The main point is that kinesthetic learners learn best when they can move around and touch things. They are not being difficult when they cannot sit still in class, they are just being them.CONTINUE READING

Tools for Visual Learners: learner centered tools

Visual learners are one who remember what they see more than they do by hearing. They also respond to color and tone, pictures and visual info when they study and learn. CONTINUE READING

Learner Centered Tools: Auditory Learners

Auditory learners need to hear or listen to a concept in order to understand it. Learning by rote and memorizing things is easier for them. Having ways to help them will help in their success.CONTINUE READING

Changing Your Parenting Tool Kit

I am often a fly by the seat of my pants parent when it comes to dealing with outbursts of emotion. Some of my best ideas seem to come when my children are melting down and just can’t control themselves. My parenting tool kit is forever changing. I am doing what works for us as a family and if I am seeing behaviors change and our family being more settled then I will continue to come up with random acts of parenting that might seem silly - but they totally work!CONTINUE READING

Helping Auditory Learners Succeed

Whether we are kinesthetic, auditory or visual learners, we all need to know how we best learn. There are different strategies and tips that help with this. We don’t need to flounder and struggle. When we can use specific strategies for our learning style then school and learning can be easier.CONTINUE READING

Helping Visual Learners Succeed

VISUAL: THE 2nd OF THE LEARNING STYLES This is the second of three posts about helping our children succeed in learning according to their dominant learning style. The last one was on the kinesthetic style. Check out the post here. Our visual students are the ones who remember what they see (more than they do...CONTINUE READING

Helping Our Kinesthetic, Hands-On, Learners Succeed

This the first in a three part series about helping children succeed in the learning style they are dominant in. This will cover some strategies you can use with your child whether or not you homeschool.CONTINUE READING
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